Philips Hue Bluetooth Akku Tischleuchte Go White & Color Ambiance 6,2W 370lm IP54
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Philips Hue Bluetooth Akku Tischleuchte Go White & Color Ambiance 6,2W 370lm IP54

Philips Hue Bluetooth Akku Tischleuchte Go White & Color Ambiance 6,2W 370lm IP54
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Allgemeine Philips Hue Bluetooth Infos

Philips Hue Bluetooth

 Philips Hue Bluetooth

Zustzlich um eine Bluetooth-Funktionalitt ergnzt bieten die neuen Philips Hue Bluetooth Lampen den idealen Einstieg in das Philips Hue System - ganz ohne Bridge. Ohne Probleme knnen Sie, um auf alle Funktionen von Philips Hue zuzugreifen, von Bluetooth-kompatiblen Produkten auch nachtrglich ihr System mit der Philips Hue Bridge aufrsten.

Das wird fr die Nutzung bentigt

 Das wird fr die Nutzung bentigt

Um die Bluetooth Lampen nutzen zu knnen, wird die spezielle Philips Hue Bluetooth App bentigt. Diese knnen Sie mit einem Smartphone oder Tablett mit IOS 11 oder Android 7 oder hher herunterladen. Das Gert muss Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in der Version 4.0 (oder hher) verwenden; eine WLAN- oder Datenverbindung ist lediglich fr den Download der App bentigt.

Anzahl der Leuchten

 Anzahl der Leuchten

Entscheidend fr die Anzahl der Lampen und Leuchten, die man gleichzeitig verbinden und steuern kann, ist das Gert und das dazugehrige Betriebssystem. Wie bei allen Bluetooth-Gerten hngt die Begrenzung vom jeweils verwendeten Gert und dessen Nutzungsumfang ab. Je mehr Lampen ber die Philips Hue Bluetooth App gesteuert werden, desto grer ist die auftretende Verzgerung. Bei der Nutzung von mehr als zehn Philips Hue Bluetooth Lampen wird jedoch das Nachrsten auf die Philips Hue Bridge und somit auf das ZigBee System empfohlen.


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3.0 out of 5 stars No battery indication so runs out at inconvenient times

This is as advertised but it massively lacks any battery indication which means it runs out an random and inopertune times. Why on earth would you not want a battery gauge. And that makes it score very low, needlessly low because the rest of it is really good. A very good intuitive app that's well thought out. The light is highly customable. The build quality is excellent.
4.0 out of 5 stars A good light but lacks useful features and information

It's a minimalistic design which will fit into most environments. Being a rather compact and small sized table lamp. Lightweight and easily to carry around. The packaging is mostly cardboard which can be recycled. I find it odd how there does not appear to be any information given as to how long the lamp takes to charge. For the price there isn't a charging percentage or charge level indicator. It can only be charged by placing it on the plug in charging plate. The p...
5.0 out of 5 stars Well made

Beautiful little lamp which works seamlessly with my Hue switches and Google Home/voice control. I love being able to pick it up and move it - battery seems to last forever. The physical button on the top is very useful. Only downside is that it could be a bit brighter.
3.0 out of 5 stars Usual Philips quality, but utterly bizarre!

Insofar as quality is concerned, this is a Philips product, so you know it will be good ? and it is. Except?.. it?s a strange and bizarre concept. You could perhaps reason that a rechargeable table lamp might be useful for an area where you don?t have a nearby socket outlet, and don?t wish to have a trailing socket lead etc; but I couldn?t in all honesty use for that purpose. Why? Because it?s hideous looking. The lamp is very well-made, it?s definitely qualit...
5.0 out of 5 stars Smart lamp

this is the first Philips Hue product i?ve used and thought initially it looked expensive for what it was but the level of control you have, does make it worth it. The lamp is fully portable with a wireless charger used. The app you download allows for so many lighting options, from preset scenes to set a mood to a colour wheel to programme the lighting yourself. Fully charged with the brightness turned up it throws out a lot of light, touching the top allows you to swap be...
5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptional quality smart lamp

Philips Hue Go Smart Portable Table Lamp. This is an exceptionally well made and designed lamp. Once you have downloaded the Phillips hue app you get the full benefits of the lamp, using the RGB function you can choose any colour on the chart and change the colour temperature, this creates a pleasant mood setting for a romantic dinner etc. The lamp takes around 4 hrs to charge and can then be used anywhere you choose, for us this will be our table lamp in the garden throughou...
5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent quality product from the brand leader

4.0 out of 5 stars Lovely little lamp by Philips.

The Philips Hue Go Smart Portable Table Lamp has the best build quality that I've ever seen from a table lamp, the lamp is constructed of all metal, with a rubber handgrip to the stem, and one power button on the top of the lamp. The base of the lamp has two prongs, and you have a plastic base, the lamp sits on this base and charges, but the lamp could be operated with full mains power. It's only when you take the lamp off of the base, then the lamp runs off its inter...
4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic portable lamp - lovely lighting effects

This table lamp is perfect for adding a touch of soft, ambient lighting to areas of a room, or indeed outdoors, where it might normally be difficult to access a plug socket. The lamp comes with a charging base and only requires 4 hours of charge, in return for many hours of lighting - how long depends on the lighting effects used (see photo). We currently use this as a bedside lamp - having no nearby accessable plug sockets means that upto now, we've had to do without bed...
5.0 out of 5 stars very handy

It is a good small indoor table lamp, ideal for mood lighting. It is very handy to be able to pick it up and carry it outdoors for summer evenings. It feels well made, but its minimalist design might not fit with everyone?s decor, and the inability to tell how much charge is left in the battery is irritating. It is Expensive but you pay for quality. Lamp offers a stunning array of colors and lighting options. With the ability to choose from millions of shades and varying le...

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Philips Hue Bluetooth Akku Tischleuchte Go White & Color Ambiance 6,2W 370lm IP54
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